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SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website



SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website

Today we will talk about some SEO techniques and strategies that will help you to bring your blog on the first page of search engines. In order to rank your website you have focus on many things and we will discuss all of them one by one in this article but you have to remember that it will take some time and it is not a job of seconds

1. Single Niche Blog

There are two categories of blogs, one which is based on a single niche and another based on multiple niches. Single Niche blog is one which deals with only one type of things like lifestyle, technology , travelling or education and multiple niche blogs provide all the stuff. According to various researches a blog based on one single niche rank faster than a blog based on multiple niches. So try to work on a single niche in order to get ranking in search engines

2. Unique and Informative articles

write unique and informative articles so that the readers spend some time on your website. This will decrease the bounce rate of your site which is a positive indication for search engines to let your site on the first page. If you write totally mess in your articles the readers will leave your site ASAP and it will develop a negative image of your site in the eyes of google and other search engines

3. Optimise your site

Sometimes we want to look our site professional and then we use some extra widgets and high quality images in our site. This will decrease the speed of your site and your site will not rank in google. Reduce extra widgets from your site and also use images of less size (<100kb) so that your site will run fast without taking so much loading time.

4. Keyword research

Before writing articles do a proper research on the keyword on which you are going to write your articles. Check the volume of the keyword and also the difficulty level of the keywords. If your site is new then use keywords which have very low competition

5. Backlings

Creating backlinks both dofollow and nofollow both will help you in ranking your website.

Use some free platforms like Google questions, Quora, medium, Reddit etc to create backlinks for your website.

Backlings will increase your traffic and also they will help you to rank your website in google search engines

6. Spelling and Grammar

Writing articles will correct spelling and also keep an eye on grammar mistakes. These little things are very important and people often don't look at them. It will put a good impression both on readers as well as google search engine


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