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Should I write post when my site is under review for Adsense?

 Different people will tell you different things about article writing on your site when it is under review. Today I will share with you my personal experience and the research that I have done on this topic

When Your Site is under review for Google Adsense Approval you have to continue writing your articles because It will increase chances of adsense approval on your site and also the number of articles on your site will increase and you can get some extra traffic too.

Please remember you are allowed to write articles only during this period. 

What should we avoid doing when our site is under review for Google AdSense?

Now we will talk about this question too. I will share with you some things that you should avoid when your site is under review for AdSense

1. Don't change the template or theme of your website when it is under review because it will disapprove your AdSense Application and will show you an error of VALUABLE INVENTORY UNDER CONSTRUCTION

2. Don't create or delete Pages during this period like Contact, about, privacy policy and disclaimer. 

You have to create these pages before applying for AdSense as these are the must Pages that every site should have. 

This mistake will also mark your site as UNDER CONSTRUCTION

3. Don't edit Html section of your theme when your site in under review because it will also mark your site as Under construction in Google AdSense

4. Don't Change the Layout of your theme or template when your site is in review. It will also result the error of Valuable Inventory Under Construction In google Adsense 

A. Get Your all articles indexed in google search console and it will increase your chances of approval

B. Check for the broken links in your website.

it is a free website and it will help you in finding the broken links on your site. After finding the broken links remove them as soon as possible

C. After writing an article and indexing it in google search console don't delete it from your site. If you want to delete it then remove it from google search engine too by going to google search console under removal option otherwise it will create a broken link in your site and when someone visit it will show error of 404

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