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22 Most Important Apps And Websites For Bloggers


Websites And Apps

If you are a blogger and want to remain ahead everytime then you have to use different tools and techniques to make your work better. In this article we will talk about some websites and apps that you must know about and they will help you in your journey.

This is not a sponsored post and all the information given in this article is only research and personal usage based.

Let's talk about websites first


After starting your blog you need to get indexed your website and the articles because without it your work will not appear in search engines and hence your work will go in vain. Freewebsubmission dot com is a website which submits your website to many search engines in just one click and if you use this website then you don't need to submit your website in search engines one by one. There are more than 15 search engines where this website helps you to submit your site in just one click and in this way you can increase your traffic also

2. Html-online

Html-online dot com named website is very useful if you don't know anything about coding here you can create many widgets of your choice you just need to write what you want in text format and it will automatically convert it to coding and then you can just copy the code and submit where you want to and friends it is totally free of cost. Here you can get many options related to text ,size, image, url and much more

3. Html Code Generator-tools

Htmlcodegenerator-tools dot com named website can help you in building many buttons, designed navigation bar, html table, image gallery and much more. By using this website you can design your website according to your need and it is also totally free of cost and I have personally used it for button generation for my blogger

4. GTmetrix

After using your website for a long time and when we add many widgets , images and javascripts then our website becomes very slow and this is the website which will help you to check performance and speed of your website. After reports you will get familiar with the things that make your site slower and then you will remove them accordingly.

We have an article written on our site named How to change website speed in Just 2 minutes you can read it also if you want to increase the speed of your website

5. Pixabay

We have already posted an article about it. Friends when we start blogging or youtube then we look for some copyright free material for our work and this is the site which will provide you copyright free images, videos, music and much more absolutely free you must try this. The material downloaded from here can be uploaded on blogger or youtube and you will not get any copyright strike

6. H-supertools

Friends, it is a free website and it will help you in SEO. It provides free keyword research and other SEO tools free of cost. If you are looking for a free SEO tool then you can go for it and it will give you some better results

7. Pagespeed Insights

It is run by google and hence is a trusted platform. It is totally free and will help you to check your site performance and speed. After going through a speed test on this website it will show the mistakes that you are making and which are not good for the speed of your website. It will also show the speed of your site on the desktop. It will show you the unwanted things that decrease your site speed and then also you can remove them if their removal do not affect your website

8. WordStream

Friends keyword research is the main thing to be considered while writing your articles. We can't write articles without research because if we don't research on keywords then our articles will create problems like no traffic or minimum traffic on our site. WordStream is a free top class keyword research tool and if you can't buy the premium tools like semrush then go for it.

9. Total Ping

Pinging of website and articles is very important. It can solve indexing problem and also it can promote our site with no cost. totalping dot com is a free website which help us in pinging our article. It is very easy to use. You just need to copy the url of your articles and simply paste it in total ping.

10. Site 24×7

It is also a ping website where you can ping your articles. It need to follow the same procedure for both total ping and site 24×7. You can use either of these sites and if you want you can use both. There is no problem in using the both sites

11. ezgif

Google tells us that you should use images in your website in WebP format instead of jpg or png for better speed of our website because webp images load fast as compared to png or jpg images. ezgif dot com this website will help you in converting your jpg or png images to WebP. It is totally free of cost.

12. vk is a western social networking platform. If you want high cpc then you can share your articles on this app it will give you some traffic of USA and Russia

Now Let's talk about some useful Apps

1.SEO Check

It is a free App and The SEO Check allows you to quickly audit and review a website from an on-site SEO perspective. It works very fast and You will get the most important  insights to improve your search engine optimization.

Compliance with search engine guidelines is very important for success in search engine rankings. The SEO Check analyzes all relevant criteria and gives tips and tricks for optimising the website for a sustainable SEO success. Here you can make an SEO check of every article you have written by simply pasting your article url in this app. It also offers full site SEO check up

2.Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is used to research keyword. There is no one who do not want to promote his website. In this case, you must do proper SEO otherwise you will never be able to rank whatever your article is . And if you want to do proper SEO then you must target the right keywords. Because if you target the wrong keyword, it will be the cause of your failure. Because the wrong keyword gives no or minimum traffic. This totally free of cost and can help you a lot. With this tool you can also test the speed of your website. It has many features too you can check it

3. Google Docs

We all are familiar about this app but it does not only deal with docs. Today i will tell you two main uses of this app for bloggers. You can use it for the spell check of your articles. Just copy your article and paste in it and it will check spelling and grammar mistakes in your article and also it will give you suggestions too to replace your words or sentence. Another use of it is that you can use it for word counting. If you want to count words of your article then paste your article in it and it will count words in your article

4. Social Networking Apps

To increase traffic on our website we need to share our articles on different platforms like medium, redit, tumblr and likedin. You can download these apps if you want to create some nofollow backlinks for your website.

5. Quora

I can't define this because you already know its importance. Every third or fourth result on google search is of Quora itself and now you can imagine how much it will help you in increasing your traffic.

You can use both its website as well as its app. To increase the traffic you need to keep an eye on this site. Find Questions on Quora which are related to your niche and if your article has its answer then go and provide your answer. Remember you have to write a few lines and at last provide your article link. In order to read the complete answer readers will visit that link and in this way your traffic will be increased

6. Brave Browser

If has no use in blogging but it has a feature that can be useful for us. Some bloggers visit their own sites everyday and by visiting their own they see their own ads there and google mark these visits as invalid impressions. So if you want to visit your own site use this browser and enable ad block feature in it and then you will see no ads of your own and hence no invalid impressions. I included this point because I too got an ad limit notice because of my own invalid impressions

7. Muuzzer App

This is a social platform for writers. This can be used to drag some traffic on your site. write your article on this app and provide your link too and the readers will visit your site too. But remember don't scam you have to provide the original content.

8. Google Analytics

You already know that is is a activity tracker of our website but if we download its app it will be better. Its app comes with some easy adjustable features and also if you visit its website you will not find the UA type google Analytics Property ID there but with its android app you will find it easily. Blogger only accepts UA property Id so you can copy it from the app

9. Blogging Tips

Blogging tips app is one of the best learning app, It will help you to enhance your blogging skills. It is available on android. If you are a new blogger then download this app to get some knowledge about blogging

10. Google Keep

It will help you to write your article without internet connection. If you want to write an article with a proper research then use google keep because it will allow you to make changes in it. After you get satisfied with your article then copy it from google keep and paste in blogger or wordpress.

Also If you want to write your article without spelling and grammar mistakes then write your article here. After writing your article on google keep copy it and paste it in google docs and google docs will correct grammar and spelling mistakes for you. After all the corrections copy it and paste in blogger or wordpress or any other platform which you are using

Keyword Planner is used to research keywords. There is no one who does not want to promote his website through digital marketing. In this case, you must do proper SEO & ASO, otherwise you will never be able to rank whatever you post on your website. And if you want to do proper SEO & ASO then you must target the right keywords. Because if you target the wrong keyword, it will be the cause of your disaster and you will never get the traffic. Keyword Tool can help you to find out the right keyword for websites and it is also useful for Youtube. Besides keyword research you can also do a speed check of your website in this app. It is totally free

3.Word Counter

After writing an article , bloggers always think about the length of their article. This app will help you guys to count the words in just 2 seconds. You just need to copy the text of your article and then simply paste that in this article and it will count words for you. Besides words it also count paragraphs and sentences written in an article and I am using this app also

4.Q Reduce

When we talk about the speed of a website then we also include image size optimisation. This app will help you to reduce the size of your images to your desired size. There are many image size reducers but this one is perfect because of its speed and friendly interface. Now whenever you want to upload an image to your website you can just reduce its size in this app and after reducing the size you can simply upload it. Guys it is totally free of cost

5.Google Keep

This app is based on personal choice. It is your choice whether you want to use it or not. Guys I'm using this app so I thought I must share it with you. It is an app where you can write your article without an internet connection and can make changes to it at any time easily. You can write your article here in portions. For example you started writing your article and after completing 20% you thought that I will write the rest of it later in this process you can use this app. 

After writing your article here you can just copy it and then go to your website and paste it there. It is also a free app from google


It does not have that much use. It is an app which you can use to make logos for your website. It is a free app so I thought it may help you sometime.

7.Google Docs

This is an app by google which you can use for the grammar and spelling correction of your article. If you think that you are making mistakes in your article then just simply copy it and paste in google docs and simply click on spell check. Besides Grammar and spelling check it also works as a word counter. It counts the words written in your article

If you need any help regarding above mentioned apps and websites please comment


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