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22 Most Important Apps And Websites For Bloggers

  If you are a blogger and want to remain ahead everytime then you have to use different tools and techniques to make your work better. In this article we will talk about some websites and apps that you must know about and they will help you in your journey. This is not a sponsored post and all the information given in this article is only research and personal usage based. Let's talk about websites first 1. FREE WEB SUBMISSION After starting your blog you need to get indexed your website and the articles because without it your work will not appear in search engines and hence your work will go in vain. Freewebsubmission dot com is a website which submits your website to many search engines in just one click and if you use this website then you don't need to submit your website in search engines one by one. There are more than 15 search engines where this website helps you to submit your site in just one click and in this way you can increase your traffic also 2. Html-online
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how to overcome suicidal thoughts- 6 Ways

  After failing in life or after a big loss many people think of suicide. People want to end the pain or depression from which they are suffering. Yes suicide can end the pain of someone but remember your suicide will give a lot of pain to others like your family, friends and other relatives. Sometimes human beings become so selfish that they just think of their life without taking their family, relatives and friends into consideration. Suicide is an act of losers and believe me you are not a loser because you are here on this article to find a way to live. Life will give a lot of opportunities ahead but for that you have to live. Today in this article we will discuss some effective points which will help you to overcome suicidal thoughts.  1. Don't be free all the time " work is worship and rest is rust " Being free all the time is very dangerous to our mind. We start thinking many wrong things and suicide is one of them. If you are having suicidal thoughts then please d

Best Free Camera app for android (ads free)

If you are facing some issue with your stock android camera app then you are at the right place. In this article we will discuss about a camera app which is one of the best camera application in the market. This app comes with a lot of features and it is totally ads free. This app will take your photos to the next level of clearity. I will provide the link at the end of this article and from that link you can easily download the app on your android devices. Let us first talk about its features NEW FEATURES ADDED Support for Camera Extensions. Selected Android 12 devices now have photo modes such as Night, Bokeh, Beauty. Requires Settings/"Camera API" to be set to Camera2. Allow accessing ultra-wide cameras via zoom e.g. on Pixel 5/6 when using Camera2 API. Removed "use addresses" and "say cheese" options. Sorry about that, but this is due to new data privacy requirements. Fixed HDR on Samsung devices since Android 12. Fixes for flash on Camera2 API. Variou

Litespot premium blogger template download 100% Free

  Hello today i am sharing with you the best blogger template. Its official price is around $13 but here you can get it totally free of cost. It it fully customisable template. It also has a inbuilt dark mode. The download link is at the last. LiteSpot Blogger Template is considered a highly optimized theme. It is professional, speedy, and fully customizable. This theme is highly suitable for Google Adsense. It is optimized using the latest and advance level of SEO technologies. If you are thinking to create a news site, magazines, blogs, or other things it is going to serve you the best. It is highly recommended for technology websites and for the websites which deals with blogging and other stuff. This marvelous theme contains super-fast loading and also an appealing design. It is available both in free and premium versions. If you have used blogger then you should definitely give it a try to this theme. I hope it will not disappoint you Template Features 1. 100% Responsive Design 2.

Why Do We Fail In Competitive Exams ?

  This world is full of competition and this competition becomes a headache for many middle class students. In this article we will discuss some important reasons behind our failure in competitive exams. This article will mainly focus on middle class students because middle class students are the one who mainly suffer in this world full of competition. The reasons mentioned below are of my personal experience and being a middle class student I have felt this pain very deeply. Let's discuss the reasons one by one. 1. No Direction Students start preparing for competitive exams without any guidance. This problem is common somewhat among backward and middle class students. They don't know from where they should start preparing for the exams. They just start studying without knowing the requirements  of the exam which leads to their failure at the end. To overcome these problems students should first understand the syllabus and previous year question papers of the exam for which the

Music Player for Android (100% ads free)

Today I will share with you a music player which is the best on google play store. It has no ads at all. I am personally using it for months. When google dismantled its music player then it become very difficult for me to play offline music out of my file manager then after a lot of search and trying many music player I found this one to be very useful and I hope it won't disappoint you. Let's first talk about its features Music player focused on elegant design and seamless user experience. This is a music player focused on providing the perfect blend of elegant design and intuitive functionality. We strive to provide high fidelity audio playback and a seamless user experience, for you to enjoy your music library. What This Music Player offer - High quality music playback. - Songs, Genres, playlists, albums and artists tabs. - Smart playlists for last added, recently played, top tracks and favorites. - Uses device equalizer for tuning audio, bass boost and surround sound. (3D a

SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website

  SEO techniques and strategy used to rank your website Today we will talk about some SEO techniques and strategies that will help you to bring your blog on the first page of search engines. In order to rank your website you have focus on many things and we will discuss all of them one by one in this article but you have to remember that it will take some time and it is not a job of seconds 1. Single Niche Blog There are two categories of blogs, one which is based on a single niche and another based on multiple niches. Single Niche blog is one which deals with only one type of things like lifestyle, technology , travelling or education and multiple niche blogs provide all the stuff. According to various researches a blog based on one single niche rank faster than a blog based on multiple niches. So try to work on a single niche in order to get ranking in search engines 2. Unique and Informative articles write unique and informative articles so that the readers spend some time on you